About us

Hi! We’re Nick and Ashley—a DC-area designer duo renovating our very first home together. When we’re not rolling our sleeves up to tackle a project for #therespeckireno, we’re probably figuring out our new role as first-time parents, playing with our 6lb pup Sawyer, or traveling and taking lots of photos.

Nick is a(n actual) licensed architect and Michigan native. By day, he works on the exam for architects, and by night he’s our home reno project manager. He’s a huge sports fan; football and hockey especially, or just all Detroit teams + the Wolverines (Go Blue!). He’s an uber-planner and likes collecting furniture.

Ashley is a (not-quite) “architect” and Indiana native. She’s a story teller and over-sharer, perfect for her day job in marketing. She loves to read and has an embarrassing forever love for Hello Kitty. She’s a huge klutz so chances are she broke something around the house recently and has at least 3 bruises right now.

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully something caught your eye. If you’ve got an appetite for more, come back!—and scroll down so you can see what we’re up to in other digital corners.