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Nick and I suffer from wanderlust. Thank goodness it’s a condition we’re both stricken with or we’d be in trouble. I attribute some of my travel addiction to the trips all the wonderful adults in my life let me tag along on as a kid. (Shout-out to grandma and grandpa for all the years they let me pretend their van was an airplane and the CB radio my stewardess’ intercom.) Nick and I also spent 6 years at Ball State University for our masters degrees in architecture and were lucky enough to participate in what’s gloriously known as “Field Trip Week” each October. We visited great places, mostly domestic, but Canada too. And so the education and vacation model was born.

Hey, we love our beach vacays too – who doesn’t? But there is something amazing about cultural immersion, historic learning, and architectural eye candy that we can’t get enough of. In the last few years, realizing we both have little or no passport stamps from even Europe, we’ve made world travel and exploration a priority, before life gets in the way of course. Last year after hearing rave reviews from friends and colleagues about Turkey, we decided it was the perfect place to start; a lot of the history we wanted to learn began, so to speak, in what is modern-day Turkey. So we went. What began as a fun trip to coordinate and plan became a trip we let the experts handle. We ended up spending two weeks on an amazing tour of Turkey with total strangers as part of a Gate1 Travel excursion. (Happy to recommend that crew of travel planners and pre-planned trips any day!)

When it came to planning our next trip we knew we needed to go big. And despite the dashing success of our Turkey trip, we felt the next trip needed to include blood, sweat, and tears in both the planning and execution.

Here we are: three weeks from the adventure of a lifetime. On August 15th we embark on a European journey where we will spend 24 days touring nine cities. We begin our journey in Rome, end in Barcelona, with Florence, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris in between. The timing has been decided, the hotels have been booked, the train tickets have our name on them. (Nick can not handle too many unknowns and he knows I sure as hell am not going to take the initiative to figure things out.)

We’ll have lots of stories to tell about our journey and we have a better understanding of what stories tell themselves through photography. It’s also safe to say written word is a better (read: shorter) way for me to tell a story. Come back soon and see what these travelers are up to come mid-August!

(And in case anyone was wondering, despite being an excellent traveler, Bo isn’t making the European trip. He’ll be going wild in the Hoosier state with his grandparents.)