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San Diego Weekend

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It’s always good to treat yourself to a bit of sunshine and salt water right before the winter months. That’s just what we did last November, tacking a weekend vacation onto a volunteer meeting Nick was part of in San Diego. Neither of us had ever been to San Diego so we figured if we were approaching hibernation in DC for the next three to four months, it was probably good to go soak up the rays.

I sort of love when we only have about 48 hours in a city. It forces us to explore, take chances, and commit to things, otherwise we waste too much precious time. We didn’t waste any time in San Diego. We hit up the mandatory San Diego hot spots; the zoo, Coronado, and La Jolla beach. We went on a morning run along the bay, saw plenty of sea lions, and drove on the 5. We had great Mexican food and top-notch margaritas, which is always a test of a great vacay for us. (I’m pretty sure in another life, Nick and I were probably hispanic – nothing makes us happier than Mexican or Central-American inspired dishes.)

My only complaint is that when we tried to visit the Salk Institute – like any good architect duo should – the security guard told us it was closed for a private event, even though there wasn’t a soul in sight. Till this day, I’m convinced that security guard was full of shit and was just giving us a hard time. So next time, Salk Institute is our top priority – that and figuring out how in the world we could make San Diego our retirement spot.

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