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Party, Pups, and Pool Time

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We’re obviously bad bloggers. But since we’re far from a lot of family and friends, we know this is still a great place to share. And I keep telling myself that we’ll get really good at consistent sharing one day—ya know, when life slows down. Ha!

But since we’re kicking off one of those glorious summer holiday weekends, we figured we’d share some fun moments from our first summer weekend of the year. On Memorial Day weekend, my baby sister graduated from high school. Besides making me feeling old as crap, it was amazing to see my once wide-eyed, quiet, baby sister walk across that stage, fiesty, funny, and confident as ever. And I’m not even slightly embarrassed by the fact that I knew, and hummed, every song during the ceremony—the choir’s repertoire for this particular event hasn’t changed in 10 years. Plus, my sister is a killer party planner, so the celebration afterwards was top notch.

This was also the first weekend my siblings and I had been together in over a year. Time flies and when I was 8, becoming a big sister for the first time, I never imagined one day my siblings and I would be scattered across the country; DC, Little Rock, and Indy. With the baby of the family preparing to leave the nest, who knows what ground is yet to be covered. I’ll take every moment I can get with those annoying brats!

Other notable tidbits from the weekend worth mentioning:

  • When my best friend and I were 10, our mom’s were pregnant at the same time and spent lots of uncomfortably hot days at the softball fields in the summer of ‘97 watching us play, pregnant bellies and all. Our baby sisters were born 2 weeks apart and just graduated together. Still blows my mind.
  • My best friend and her husband have two beautiful little girls I can’t get enough of. They’re 16 months apart (my BF is a saint, and probably a little crazy =) ). I love when we get to see them, especially when it means Nick is able to awkwardly hold babies and hang with the kids. Makes me giggle every time.
  • We had 5—count ‘em—FIVE dogs at my sister’s graduation party. This was a pretty huge moment. Our house was pet-free growing up, besides the occasional hamster, goldfish, outdoor cat, and my dog Chance that tragically drank antifreeze in the neighbor’s garage. Anecdotally, I’ve always thought my parents named my sister after my black outdoor kitty Abigail that got run over by a car when I was 6 or 7.
  • And after all those pet-free years, my parents finally got a dog. His name is Milo and he’s the first pup to live indoors at the Wilson home. We also welcomed our new pup, Sawyer, to the fam in March. The two pups got to hang together for the whole weekend and splash around in the pool. Sawyer taught Milo to go down stairs, and Milo taught him how to swim.

Happy 4th of July friends! Hope you get to hang with the people you love most and make some great memories. And don’t forget to apply, and reapply, lots of sunscreen.

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